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The Basics

What Is phpFotolog?

A clone writen in PHP and MySQL and under the GPL license. You can upload pictures in a cronological order with a description and the script generates thumbnails. Visitors can add comments to your photos. It also supports adding and friends, and updating automatically their last uploaded photos. All the features with more options and without the constant server problems or limitations on photos uploaded or comments per photo. Visit to see some screenshots and download it.

So is that like a Blog or Weblog?

Sort of. Blogs are generally a lot of words with a few images. Fotologs tend to be a lot of images with a few words. After all, for most people, it's easier to see something interesting than to say something interesting. Some say that the web is "a writing medium" -- we say that the web-logging revolution isn't necessarily about the writing -- it's about personal, continual publishing irrespective of whether it's done through words or images. If you'd prefer to blog with more words than images, we recommend Wordpress, wich is also free software.

What isn't phpFotolog?

phpFotolog is not an online service, so if you don't have your own webspace you can't use it. phpFotolog is a sigle user application at the moment, meaning it only supports one fotolog. Still you can add friends from other phpfotolog or fotolog services.

So I shouldn't put all of my photos on my Fotolog?

It's not aproppiate, put you can do whatever you want with your phpfotolog. Until the your webspace is full, you can post a photo after another.

Why use phpFotolog if I can just email photos to my friends and family?

Because phpFotolog keeps them ordered and everybody can add comments.

About Us

Who's Involved?

phpFotolog was written by me, Miguel Ibero, in the summer of 2004. I'm not related in any form to, still I liked their service a lot so I decided to write my own.

Thanks also to...

Mmmm... Don't know... My friends, God, Richard Stallman, etc...


Is phpFotolog free?

Yes, free as in beer and free as in freedom. phpFotolog is free software. Checkout the GNU website to learn more about free software.

How does phpFotolog make money?

It doesn't. I programmed it for fun and I don't intend to make money out of it.

How can I help keep Fotolog running?

Patches and new features are welcome. If your create your own phpFotolog, tell me or add me to your friends list and I'll be happy.

Are there limits on things like photos and guestbook postings?

No, there aren't limits, except the ones of the server wich runs phpFotolog. Your can upload as mucho photos as you want and comments are unlimited. Still, you can disable commenting a certain photo.

What about my group Fotolog?

At this moment, only one user per phpFotolog is supported. But there are plans to add multiple user and fotolog suport.

How To Use Fotolog

Creating a phpFotolog

You'l need a web server with php 4 and php-gd extension enabled to resize the photos, and a MySQL database. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's better for you to go create a account and leave phpFotolog to the professionals :). Now, download the latest phpFotolog tarball from here, compress it and upload it to a directory in your webserver. Enable writing in that directory to begin installation (something linke chmod a+w) and go to phpfotologdir/install.php . Follow installation instructions and you're done! Disable permissions (like chmod go-w) and delete install.php to awoid possible security problems.

Uploading photos

Go to phpfotologdir/upload.php. If you're not logged in, a login form will appear. Enter the username and password you selected when installing. To select an image file click on the Browse button. Images should be in jpg, gif or png format. To convert other images to these formats, use Paint on MS Windows or convert from ImageMagick on GNU/Linux. Click on Upload after selecting the image file and filling in the description. You can change or delete every image on your phpfotolog, selecting Archive on the top menu, when logged in.

Customizing my page

Go to the My Account link in the top menu. There you'll find a lot of preferences. For more hidden ones, edit by hand. To customize the aspect of the fotolog, edit style.css, almos everything is defined in the stylesheet. If you want even more personalization, edit the php files by yourself, it's your right!

Guestbook settings

Comments can be disabled on a photo basis. If your're logged in, a small delete link will appear at the end of every comment, that does what it says. There is no limit to the number of comments.

The Rules

Can I use Fotolog for my artful nude self-portraits?

Sure. Post any legal photo. It's your server.

What are the other rules?

No rules. Except the limits of the GPL license.

If you have any questions or problems, please write to